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Was Your Teenager Hooked On JUUL E-Cigarettes Through The Manufacturer’s Wrongdoing?

The law in Louisiana is clear: “It is unlawful for any manufacturer, distributor, retailer or another person knowingly to sell or distribute any tobacco product, alternative nicotine product or vapor product to a person under the age of eighteen.” Despite this prohibition and similar ones in other states, e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular among young people throughout the U.S. recent years.

Juul Press Release

JUUL, a manufacturer that has sold e-cigarettes in forms attractive to young people — such as a flash drive-like shape — has been targeted in litigation alleging:

  • Fraud: JUUL allegedly misled potential customers as to the amount of nicotine in its products and the likelihood of developing addiction.
  • Strict liability: Young people with easy access to e-cigarettes — dangerous products — have become addicted to nicotine and suffered subsequent health problems. The teenage years are a time of heightened vulnerability for tobacco dependency. An addiction that develops at this age can become a lifetime obstacle to health.
  • RICO violations: JUUL allegedly conspired with Philip Morris and Altria as it developed the popular e-cigarettes that have entrapped many young people with nicotine addiction.

Applying many lessons learned through successful Big Tobacco lawsuits of the past, litigants aim to hold JUUL responsible for damage done. Lawsuits may ultimately stop the company from continuing its hazardous product development and marketing strategies.

Has your son or daughter become addicted to nicotine while using JUUL-produced e-cigarettes? You may believe your child is ultimately responsible, but there is strong justification for holding the manufacturer liable for its deceptive sales strategies.

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