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Protecting The Rights Of People Injured In Fires And Explosions

Fires and explosions can easily cause major damage to property, inflict critical injuries and sometimes lead to death. These tragedies are highly painful for those who suffer injuries and their family members.

Many people affected by fire do not have a clear understanding of their legal rights. Salim-Beasley, LLC aims to make sure that every injured person knows about their options regardless of whether they plan to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys can answer your questions regarding your case, compensation and the legal process.

Was Another Party Liable For The Injury?

Accidental fires can be caused by careless handling of fire equipment, such as gas cylinders. Fuel oil explosions, gas ovens, gas cans, defective batteries, electrical boxes and hot water heaters can also trigger a deadly blaze.

Other explosive accidents could involve the negligence of a company. Manufacturers and suppliers must add warning labels to any products that may be prone to explosion under certain circumstances. Due to missing or insufficient labels, consumers might suffer extreme burns and other related injuries.

Whatever the cause of the fire that injured you, our personal injury lawyers are ready to investigate and advocate on your behalf.

A Firm Attentive To Your Needs

While some causes of the fire have obviously resulted from a negligent act, other cases may be highly complex or involve multiple parties. We are eager to help our clients with challenging cases that might require thorough investigation or detailed testimonies.

If you have recently suffered injuries and losses through a fire at home or away from home — possibly at work — contact us for prompt legal support. Call our attorneys at 866-269-5561 or schedule a time to discuss your case through our online form. We offer free initial consultations.