Over Fifty Years Of Personal Injury Law Practice

Experienced Personal Injury Claims Attorneys

Being injured in an accident can be a painful and stressful time. In addition to your physical injuries, you may be concerned about loss of work and medical bills.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you navigate the difficult process after you suffer injury at the hands of someone else. Salim-Beasley, LLC has assisted injured clients for a combined total of more than three decades.

Common Types Of Injuries

The most devastating injuries often harm essential parts of the body, such as parts of the brain or spine. Accidents that involve high heat or explosions may result in severe burns. Burns could happen in a variety of situations, such as car crashes, poorly performed heat or laser therapies and fires from defective products. Unfortunately, the accident or its related injuries could cause the death of a loved one.

Our firm frequently serves clients who were hurt in a/n:

Injured workers might be eligible to receive a workers’ compensation award. Each of these types of cases may be complicated, but our personal injury lawyers communicate with insurance companies, employers and government entities on your behalf.

Wrongful Death

Salim-Beasley, LLC understands how devastating the loss of a loved one can be to a family. The financial damages can result in generational consequences. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another party, we are ready to guide you through a wrongful death lawsuit to recover the compensation you are entitled to for the full and fair damages you and your family are entitled to.

Our Thorough Investigation Experience

Every personal injury case must be analyzed and investigated before moving forward in the legal process. Your attorney has an experienced team of investigators who know exactly how to gather the information needed from police, doctors and lawyers.

We are also assertive negotiators, speaking with insurance adjusters to improve your chances of receiving a favorable settlement. The goal of insurance companies is to save as much money as possible, so they may offer less than you deserve for your injuries. Our lawyers understand the detriment that your injuries have caused, however. We are prepared to take the legal action necessary to recover the highest value possible.

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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident or through exposure to environmental hazards, contact our office for a consultation at 866-269-5561 or through our online contact form. The professionals at Salim-Beasley, LLC will discuss your case and develop a plan to seek compensation, which may allow you to recover from your injuries.