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The Terrible Injustice Of Sexual Abuse In The Southern Baptist Church

Organized religions have the power to inflict vast amounts of harm on unsuspecting people – including children. The tremendous surge of clergy abuse cases that have come to light in recent years illustrate how tragically common this type of abuse has been over decades. Far too many children were preyed upon by those in religious positions of power. Now as adults, they continue to carry those lifelong burdens that should never have been inflicted on them.

Many of these incidences of abuse occurred within the Southern Baptist Church. A recent investigation has shed light on a disturbing pattern of coverups, sweeping under the rug a staggering number of sexual abuse allegations. More than 700 pastors and leaders within churches of the Southern Baptist Convention have been named as alleged perpetrators. Many of them were allowed to remain in positions of power long after allegations of abuse came to light (and were promptly covered up).

Understanding Your Legal Options

Living with the lifelong aftermath of childhood sexual abuse is a burden nobody should have to bear. At Salim-Beasley, LLC, we’re committed to helping survivors obtain justice. We believe that taking the courageous step of speaking up and pursuing accountability can be integral to the healing process. Our attorneys are here to support you, guide you and advocate for you on that journey.

The Louisiana legislature recently passed a law that opens a three-year time frame for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file legal claims, even if those claims would have previously been too late. Now is the time to seek justice, before that window runs out.

Our lawyers can help you build a strong case. We understand how to handle these cases with sensitivity and discretion. Doing so takes time, however. We are ready to get started on your claim as soon as you feel ready to reach out.

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