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Burns can occur unexpectedly and range from mild to catastrophic in severity. There are numerous ways burns can happen, including sunburn, tanning beds, chemicals, fire, electricity, hot liquids, contact with hot objects, heat, cold, friction and radiation.

Salim-Beasley, LLC recognizes that the physical and emotional effects of a burn may result in long-term hardships. We stand beside burn victims in the fight to hold liable parties accountable for the injuries their negligence caused such as:

First-Degree Burns

Also called superficial burns, first-degree burns affect the outer layer of skin (epidermis). There will be redness but no blisters present. The pain can last several days but hospitalization is not usually required. If you experienced a first-degree burn, your physician will be able to advise healing remedies and pain medication. You may fully recover but you may need compensation for medical care and time off work.

Second-Degree Burns

Also called a partial-thickness burn, second-degree burns extend into the second layer of skin (dermis). Redness, pain, swelling and blisters may be present. They are separated into two categories (superficial and deep), depending on the severity. These burns may take several weeks to heal and your doctor may recommend painkillers, antibiotics and daily dressing changes. Many can be treated on an outpatient basis, but you and your medical team will make that decision. You may need time off work and ongoing medical treatment to recover as fully as possible.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are also called full-thickness burns with damage to both the dermis and epidermis. Nerve damage may also occur depending on the severity of the burn. Skin may be charred, dry, swollen and leathery with or without undeveloped blisters. Pain may not be present if damage to nerve endings has occurred. These burns require immediate medical attention and depending on the severity, plastic surgery may be required. You may spend time in the hospital after suffering a third-degree burn.

Fourth-Degree Burns

The most severe type of burn, this can include injury to the underlying muscle, tissue or bone. Skin may appear blackened and charred. Surgical removal of burned areas may be required. Immediate and ongoing medical attention is necessary for someone recovering from this intense condition.

We Help Burn Sufferers Reach Their Legal Goals

If you have suffered a burn injury that has negatively impacted your way of life, you may be able to secure compensation. With over 50 years of experience, our personal injury attorneys can provide essential guidance through the legal process.

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