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We Stand Up For Abused And Neglected Elders

It is devastating to learn that a loved one has been abused in a nursing home. While nothing can take away the pain he or she has suffered, you can attain a measure of justice and compensation through the legal system.

At Salim-Beasley, LLC, we are passionate legal allies for injured and abused elders in Natchitoches and throughout Louisiana. Our attorneys are here to help you explore your legal options so that you can help your loved one and protect others from suffering in the same manner.

We stay up to date in all developments in nursing home abuse laws in Louisiana, including those pertaining to COVID-19 policy negligence.

How Was Your Loved One Injured?

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, from neglectful treatment to deliberate abuse. Some of the most common results of mistreatment in nursing homes include:

  • Falls: When a nursing home resident falls while being moved or due to lack of monitoring, he or she can suffer bruises, broken bones and other painful injuries.
  • Bedsores: Failure to reposition immobile patients in beds or on reclining chairs can result in painful and dangerous decubitus ulcers, also known as bedsores.
  • Medication errors: When a nursing home resident receives defective medication, the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, or the staff fails to take into account harmful interactions, the results can be devastating.
  • Abuse: Willful abuse may occur if a nursing home does not properly screen its employees or monitor resident facilities. Abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional, financial and sexual.
  • Wrongful death: Elderly and infirm residents are our most vulnerable citizens. If your loved one died while in the care of nursing home staff, we are ready to investigate and fight for your rights.

Tragically, abused and neglected elders are often unable to express themselves. Rest assured, when such abuse is uncovered, we are here to give them a powerful voice in the legal system.

Let Us Help Your Loved One

If your loved one has suffered due to abuse or neglect in a nursing home or any other long-term care facility, we are here to help you explore your rights and options. To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer in Natchitoches, Louisiana, contact our law firm online or by telephone at 866-269-5561.