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Helping People Injured By Defective Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers release new products on the market, advertise the ideal benefits and make massive profits. When patients use these devices, however, they sometimes experience harmful complications. In many cases, investigations reveal that manufacturers knew about these problems before releasing the medical devices for use by the public.

A number of federal district court and U.S Supreme Court cases have produced favorable decisions against negligent medical product companies. At Salim-Beasley, LLC, we are committed to pursuing medical products liability cases so that patients do not pay the price for manufacturers’ mistakes.

Holding The Industry Accountable For A High-Stakes Problem

Severe effects of defective medical devices may include death, increased cancer risk and heart attacks. Financially, patients often deal with lost wages and diminished quality of life. In fact, the injuries are frequently more devastating than the condition that the patient wanted to treat in the first place.

Fortunately, the law can provide consumers relief if defective drugs or devices injure them due to a company’s negligence. Device manufacturers have a legal responsibility to make sure that their products are safe and meet the standards required by the Food and Drug Administration. However, if a manufacturer exposes patients to unnecessary risk, it is our duty to stand beside injured victims and help ease their recovery through legal support. Our firm has brought individual lawsuits and mass torts involving a variety of medical devices, such as:

Our Firm Fights For Patient Rights

Our pharmaceutical and products liability litigation attorneys want to put a stop to the practice of manufacturers choosing profits over the welfare and health of patients. Manufacturers should take full responsibility for protecting consumers by making reasonably safe products. That is why our firm has helped clients file litigation against companies producing defective medical devices.

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