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Were You Harmed By 3M Earplugs — A Dangerous Product?

Many people use earplugs to help them concentrate while working or studying in noisy environments. Military personnel, on the other hand, depend on audio protection in combat zones and other hazardous situations.

Defective Earplugs Failed To Protect Military Personnel

Many veterans struggle with hearing loss and tinnitus — and many have determined the earplugs they relied to protect their hearing were faulty. Worse, it has been shown that the manufacturer was aware of defects but still sold them to branches of the military accompanied by falsified marketing claims. Through product liability lawsuits, these veterans now seek compensation for their losses. Are you eligible to join them?

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You may have good cause to bring a claim against 3M in Minnesota if you used earplugs sold for hearing protection while you were in the military. A review of your situation may indicate that the earplugs you used were not safe — and that 3M lied about their capabilities. Experts say the earplugs do not maintain a tight enough seal to keep hazardous sounds out. In particular, litigants who have suffered harm while using these earplugs while in the military have alleged that:

  • The earplugs were defective.
  • The manufacturer knew of the defects but sold to military organizations anyway.
  • They were marketed deceptively.
  • They were not accompanied with complete instructions for effective, safe use.

These lawsuits differ from other consumer-oriented lawsuits because sailors and soldiers did not choose these products themselves. Rather, their military employers supplied the earplugs to them. After an extensive investigation, 3M recently agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold its earplugs to the Defense Logistics Agency without disclosing defects. After the Department of Justice announced these results, individual veterans and groups of former military members have discovered they can find relief through skillful lawsuits over the defective 3M earplugs.

Bring A Lawsuit To Find Relief

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