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Taking Legal Action Against Manufacturers And Distributors Of Problematic Products

Medical products that fail to function properly can make an existing health problem much worse. Patients rely on these tools to maintain the highest quality of life possible. In many cases, the performance of a device or instrument plays a vital role in keeping a loved one alive.

Although there is risk in any medical procedure, some complications may be the direct result of a manufacturer’s negligence. The attorneys of Salim-Beasley, LLC can navigate the technical complexities of products liability cases that involve design flaws, poor notice of the product’s features or defects from inconsistent construction.

2019 update: Please inquire without delay if you or a loved one has been injured by any of these products:

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Products Frequently Found To Be Defective

Any tool or device can be defective, but some types of products are closely associated with severe outcomes. Despite how easy or difficult these products are to produce, manufacturers are nonetheless responsible for creating safe, reliable devices.

Mesh implants are a common source of products liability lawsuits. Transvaginal mesh complications, for example, may seriously damage a patient’s organs. Surgical mesh intended to treat hernias may also puncture organ tissue or lead to another hernia if defective.

Other forms of implants, which often support vital body functions, also fail in some cases. Our firm has encountered cases of faulty devices that manage blood flow and protect the heart, including IVC filtration failure. Some defective implants, such as a knee replacement, may not be life-threatening, but still have a major impact on the patient’s life.

Fighting Financial Consequences Of A Product

If an individual, group or company suffers significant monetary loss due to a product, they may consult our lawyers to estimate the potential value that could be regained through a successful lawsuit. We have helped many clients move forward after suffering injuries caused by defective products. We are skilled in advocating for recovery of lost interest or wages as well as compensation for undue expenses.

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