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Legal Help After An Injury Caused By Xarelto

According to its manufacturer, the blood thinning medication Xarelto (rivaroxaban) was mainly designed to treat deep vein thrombosis. However, some patients who relied on the drug discovered that it may carry an extreme risk.

Salim-Beasley, LLC recognizes that patients who begin taking an anticoagulant drug such as Xarelto do not deserve to suffer from its serious potential side effects. We listen carefully to victims of these complications to help them pursue compensation and seek justice against the manufacturer.

Xarelto May Have Life-Threatening Effects

Although this medication is approved by the FDA, it is now widely cited for its hazardous consequences. Side effects of Xarelto have become the source of recent mass tort liability litigation. In those lawsuits, patients or their surviving loved ones assert that this anticoagulant drug option could have a major risk of critical internal bleeding in some patients. Internal bleeding can be deadly, which places Xarelto among highly dangerous types of drugs.

Compensation For Negligence In A Xarelto Lawsuit

In a recently filed mass tort lawsuit, the court determined that the internal bleeding risk from taking Xarelto is a serious detriment. Plaintiffs diagnosed with harmful internal bleeding problems claimed that the complications created significant expenses for hospitalization, medical bills and other costs.

Our pharmaceutical litigation attorneys can get you the compensation you need to cover unexpected medical expenses and wages from lost time on the job. If you or your family suffered from uncontrollable bleeding or other severe effects from taking Xarelto, you may be eligible for filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. It may be possible to recover compensatory damages for complications and injuries directly caused by Xarelto.

We Are Prepared To Help You

Salim-Beasley, LLC is an experienced tort litigation firm with over 30 years of experience with drug and medical liability lawsuits. We can represent isolated cases as well as assist large groups with filing a mass tort drug lawsuit.

Consult our firm to determine whether your experience may make you eligible for a strong lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. Provide us with the basic details of your case through our contact form or by phone at 866-269-5561 for more information.