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Southern Baptist sexual abuse hotline stokes debate over cost

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Clergy Abuse

In Louisiana and across the United States, people of faith put their trust in members of the clergy. They give them access to their children under the expectation that there will be spiritual guidance, care and mentorship.

Unfortunately, there is a long history of sexual abuse in the Catholic church. People who have been abused and their family members should be up to date on the status of these cases and possible obstacles that often come up.

Southern Baptist Convention leaders defend the decision to have sexual abuse hotline

Southern Baptists have been concerned about this problem and are actively seeking solutions to prevent it and give people who have been victimized an outlet to lodge complaints. This led to the Southern Baptist Convention establishing a hotline for people to call with reports of sexual abuse.

Since then, the church has been debating whether the hotline is worth the cost.

The SBC president posted a video to Twitter defending the decision to have the hotline regardless of its cost. According to him, it is far costlier to the church and victims to let abusive clergy members get away with their behavior. The cost of the hotline is contingent on how many people call.

When it was first implemented in late May 2022, there was an influx of people trying to get through. This is indicative of the national and even worldwide problem of clergy abuse.

Clergy abuse allegations can meet resistance and having legal help is wise

This is a common challenge with clergy abuse cases where relatively meaningless aspects get in the way of abusers being held accountable. Those who have been mistreated should use all avenues available including hotlines, but it is also useful to have legal advice from those who are experienced in these cases.

Among the problems people face in the aftermath of clergy abuse is the need for psychiatric and psychological care; pain and suffering; and financial costs from being unable to advance in life as they otherwise might have had they been protected from abuse. A legal claim can hold the perpetrator and the church accountable.

These cases are sensitive and complex. It is vital to have professional assistance that is specifically tailored to investigate and pursue them. Contacting a firm that understands the sensitive nature of these allegations can be helpful in pursuing a claim.