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New Orleans sex abuse case teeters on diocesan bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Clergy Abuse

A recent interview with an esteemed writer at The Guardian — who also is an alumnus of the Crescent City’s Jesuit High School (JHS) — revealed the extreme tactics the Archdiocese of New Orleans has gone to avoid paying settlements to survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) by clergy and church staff.

The Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy protection almost four years ago after dozens of lawsuits were filed by alleged victims of CSA from the Metro New Orleans area. The case is still meandering through the legal system, according to the WWNO article published last month.

The story origin began at Jesuit High School

The writer first got tipped off about a case that allegedly happened at his alma mater, JHS. In following up on those allegations, he realized he had stumbled upon some very serious accusations against many present and former clergy and staff and their inappropriate interactions with minors.

He stated that at least 80 cases had been substantiated by the Archdiocese as credible. That number was but a third of the total of allegations made. He also stressed that the other allegations were never deemed to be false by the Archdiocese; however, they lacked the evidence needed to legally prove them.

Is Louisiana a hotbed of clerical sexual abuse?

Many areas of the country have been hit hard by often decades-old allegations of CSA by church clergy and those they hire to teach and supervise children. Louisiana, like Massachusetts, appears to be hard-hit by these allegations.

Hiding behind the bankruptcy courts to shield assets is just another way for the accused to continue denying justice to their victims. But the window of opportunity for this justice is closing. Act now to preserve your rights if you were victimized by the Catholic Church clergy or other associates.