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The financial hardship that comes with a loved one’s death

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Losing a family member in an accident involving a drunk driver is a trauma no one should have to endure. Unfortunately, for thousands of Americans, it is a grief they must bear.

The situation worsens if the deceased is the breadwinner of the family. A family may be pushed to the brink of poverty in that situation.

Victims of Vehicular Homicide Fund

The financial hardship experienced by the family of someone killed by a drunk driver can be significant and devastating. Many families live paycheck to paycheck. The death of a loved one can bring about substantial financial hardship. The loss of income the deceased person contributed can leave their family struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, there are often additional costs, such as medical and funeral expenses. These can quickly add up, further straining the family’s finances.

In August 2023, Louisiana enacted Act No. 451, also known as the Victims of Vehicular Homicide Fund. Its purpose is to help alleviate the financial burden experienced by families who lost a loved one to vehicular homicide. The fund could help cover income loss, funeral costs and other expenses.

However, the amount of reparations can’t exceed $60,000. While it does help the family, they can still find themselves trying to navigate the costly aftermath of the event while still dealing with the emotional trauma.

Filing a civil lawsuit against the impaired driver who took the life of a loved one can help the family recoup lost wages and help with their financial burden.

In addition, it holds the drunk driver accountable for their actions. While they are likely already facing criminal charges, the civil lawsuit holds the driver financially responsible and provides additional justice. Pursuing legal action can also provide closure to the family.