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Negligent hiring at nursing homes harms residents

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence

The job market in the United States is looking good these days, but that does not mean nursing homes in Natchitoches should just hire anyone off the street who applies for the job.

Nursing homes are responsible for hiring employees who will not harm residents. Nursing homes are also responsible for making sure they hire enough employees to keep residents well cared for. Nursing homes who fail in these responsibilities could be held liable for negligent hiring.

Negligent hiring of dangerous employees

If a nursing home negligently hires an employee, and that employee harms a resident, the nursing home could be responsible under one of two conditions. One is if the employer was aware or should have been aware that the employee posed a risk to residents. The second is if the employer could have found out about the risk the employee posed to residents through a reasonable investigation.

Nursing homes should perform criminal background checks of potential employees. This way, they will know if the employee has been charged with or convicted of a crime that could be relevant to the job. If a nursing home fails to perform a criminal background check of a potential employee, and the employee harms a resident, the resident may have a claim for damages.

Insufficient staffing

Another aspect of negligent hiring is failing to hire enough employees to perform all of the duties needed to keep residents safe and well cared for.

Residents can develop bedsores if they are not moved frequently. Residents can lose mobility if they are not encouraged to move around enough. Residents can fall if their personal needs are not met. Residents can become malnourished or dehydrated if they do not receive adequate nutrition and hydration.

Nursing homes need to have enough staff members on hand at all hours of the day to care for residents properly. A resident may have a claim for damages if they are injured or suffer a worsened condition because the nursing home did not hire enough employees to care for them.

Nursing home residents have rights

Nursing home residents deserve safe environments and proper care. They deserve to be free from abuse. They should not be put in danger because the nursing home negligently hired an employee or had insufficient staff on hand. A resident may be able to pursue damages if they were injured by their nursing home’s negligent hiring practices.