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Two separate studies show Louisiana road dangers are increasing

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road dangers are a frequent topic of discussion in Louisiana. Simply turning on the television, opening a newspaper or checking the Internet will yield a seemingly endless number of stories about crashes and why they happen. They may be due to drunk drivers, speeding, texting and driving or for myriad other reasons.

Recently, researchers showed just how dangerous Louisiana roads can be.

NHTSA and LSU studies show how auto accidents are spiking in Louisiana

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and researchers at Louisiana State University, the Louisiana roads are increasingly problematic. In the NHTSA report, it was shown that more than 20,000 people died on U.S. roads from January through June 2022. This is the worst total for that time-frame in 16 years.

Part of the uptick is believed to be due to more people being on the road when compared to the last several years. Still, the statistics are troubling. Fatalities have been increasing for seven straight quarters beginning in the middle of 2020.

The NHTSA study shows that in Louisiana, 2022 has been especially deadly. For the first six months of the year, there were 432 road deaths. That placed the state 18th in the nation. When the numbers are calculated based on how many miles people traveled in the state, it rose to fourth in the nation with 1.59 people losing their lives for every 100 million miles driven. On average, that was 0.32 higher than the rest of the United States.

The LSU study delves deeper into the numbers and is even more troubling. In 2021, fatalities were up by 17%. Overall, 972 people lost their lives.

The total was the worst in the state since 2007.

Researchers believe that the higher number of deaths is correlated with more people driving under the influence. DWI fatalities were up by one-third. This was an increase by nearly half compared to the previous year.

After auto accidents, people need comprehensive and professional advice

With the number of auto accidents that are happening in Louisiana and across the United States, people are right to be concerned about their safety as they head out. When there is a collision, there can be medical costs, the inability to work, problems taking part in family activities and long-term financial, personal, physical and emotional problems. It is imperative to know what options are available.

Victims and their families might rely on insurance companies to cover for what they lost. This is a mistake as insurers’ objective is to keep payouts as low as possible. To cover for all that was lost, it is essential to have assistance that understands all areas of an auto accident. This can be critical to reaching a positive outcome and ensuring people are compensated for all they have lost.