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Rise of Louisiana fatal auto accidents sparks action

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents have increased in frequency and severity in the past several years in Louisiana and across the United States. There are many reasons for this including the rise in distracted driving, speeding, driving under the influence and simple recklessness.

Legislators are trying to find solutions to make the roads safer.

Governor initiates various safety-enhancing actions throughout the state

Gov. John Bel Edwards is moving forward with a five-year plan to try to make state highways safer. The objective is to lower the total of these crashes by half by 2030. Statistically, there were nearly 1,000 fatalities in Louisiana highway accidents in 2021. This was a 17% spike from the previous year. That is the worst increase since such records were maintained starting in the 1960s.

One strategy is to install cameras to track people who are driving at excessive speed, record their license plates and send tickets to them. The plan also aims to educate people about the risks they take when they behave dangerously and illegally behind the wheel.

The plan of the announcement comes amid tragic stories about how reckless driving and lawbreaking behind the wheel impacted lives.

Drinking and driving is a known problem, but people still do it. Forty-two percent of the fatal accidents in 2021 were linked to alcohol use. For 16 straight years, alcohol has been a primary cause for a significant number of accidents.

Experts believe that Louisiana has such a long history of activities that lend themselves to alcohol consumption that people tend to take drunken driving for granted. Those activities include Mardi Gras, celebrations at football games and parades.

The aftermath of an auto accident

With college starting up and people out and about with various activities across the state, it is wise to be fully knowledgeable about the potential dangers lurking on the road. The statistics for 2021 are worrying, but the uptick in fatal accidents has been troublesome going back years. Whether it is due to drinking and driving, distraction, speeding or for any other reason, those who were hurt or lost a loved one will face physical, emotional financial and personal ramifications.

Knowing what options there are to recover for what was lost is crucial. Having advice with assessing the cause of the auto accident, calculating the aftermath, dealing with insurance companies and knowing what can be done may require experienced assistance. Calling those who care about their clients, know how to investigate accidents and are well-versed in the law can make the difference in a successful claim.