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When can my car insurance refuse to cover me?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When car insurance shopping, it is easy to focus on which provider has the cheapest coverage. However, what many Louisianans only realize after a car accident is that car insurance companies deny coverage for a variety of reasons.

Normal uses

Insurance companies often cite some disallowed vehicle usage as a reason for denying coverage. This could be using it as a dwelling, for racing, commercial purposes, etc. Anything that is outside of normal, noncommercial usage could be the basis for a denial after a Louisiana motor vehicle accident.

No modifications

In the same line of thinking that insurance companies deny coverage for non-normal uses, they also use modifications as a reason to deny coverage. Especially for larger vehicles, van life and mobile living have exploded over the last decade, but these modifications could lead to a denial of coverage. Indeed, even upgrading engine components to make the vehicle faster could be the basis for a denial.

Acts of God and man

Another surprising reason for an insurance denial is a disaster caused by God or man. Nuclear meltdowns, war, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc., can all be the basis for insurance denials.

Types of insurance matter too

As we discussed earlier, commercial and noncommercial insurance are different. Although there are other distinctions that matter too, like gap coverage (for when car value is less than what is financed) and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (for when the negligent driver’s insurance is not enough to cover the car accident). One’s policy limits could also become important, depending on the nature of the car accident.


For our Natchitoches, Louisiana, readers, the key takeaway is to shop for insurance not just by cost but also by your needs. If the car is going to be used for ridesharing, make sure to mention that when price shopping. Similarly, if it will be used for other commercial purposes, make sure insurance covers for that business. And, if one is going to make modifications to the vehicle, like to make the car faster or to make the vehicle a dwelling, ask if that will void insurance coverage. Asking now can avoid the need for a lawyer later, although, even if one is diligent, it does not mean the insurance company will not be unscrupulous, necessitating a lawyer anyway.