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I was in a car accident in an Uber, now what?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Ridesharing applications are amazing. With just a few swipes on our phones, a car is at our doors. We used to dangerously flag down a taxi or wait for one to show up whenever they felt like it after a telephone call. Truly, rideshare apps, like Uber and Lyft are marvels of modern technology. Unfortunately, they do not allow us to avoid car accidents. So, what does one do if they are involved in a rideshare car accident?

For the rider

The most covered person in a rideshare car accident is the rider. Indeed, they are covered by the rideshare application’s commercial liability insurance and the driver’s personal insurance, should it be needed. Indeed, all the major rideshare applications have blanket coverage for riders so that, should an accident occur, regardless of fault, the rider is covered. Now, this does not mean that the commercial liability insurance will write the rider a blank check, and sometimes, a lawyer is still needed, but there is immediate coverage.

For the driver

If the car accident occurred during a ride, then the driver is also covered by the rideshare application’s commercial liability insurance. Of course, there is a deductible and limits on coverage, but there is coverage. In addition, as long as the driver has a rideshare rider on their personal auto insurance, that insurance can cover those items not covered by the commercial liability insurance, less that separate deductible. Though, if that rideshare rider was not purchased, it is likely that the personal auto insurance policy will deny coverage. This can be a major rejection, should the accident occur without an actual rider in the car.

For pedestrians and other drivers

Again, if there is a Natchitoches, Louisiana, rider, the commercial liability insurance will cover liability. If not, then the driver’s own personal insurance policy will cover liability to any car accident victims. If that policy denies coverage though, then a lawyer will likely be needed because the victims will have to sue all the insurance companies involved, along with the driver themselves.