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Can you spot a reckless driver?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may do your best to stay safe on the road by using proper signaling, obeying traffic laws, and remaining calm in stressful situations, but others may not practice the same good driving habits. When other drivers act recklessly, it can cost the victims of the resulting accidents thousands of dollars in medical fees and even more in other costs.

While we cannot control how other drivers behave on the road, we can influence if they can interact with us. The best way to avoid an accident a reckless driver caused is by spotting them before an accident happens. Spotting a reckless driver gives you the time you may need to avoid the consequences of their actions. Here are three common signs that someone is driving dangerously around you:

Swerving or drifting

If a driver is showing signs of difficulty staying in one lane, there can be several reasons for it. They may be a drunk driver who is unable to see clearly. They could also be distracting themselves with food, their cell phone, or even updating the GPS. Whatever the cause, allow these drivers to gain distance in front of you, to give yourself more time to react to a possible accident.

Road rage

Tailgating, honking the horn and aggressive gestures from the driver are all classic signs of road rage. The driver’s anger can blind them to anything that is not the target of their rage and cause them to endanger those around them accidentally.


Speeding drivers are some of the hardest to spot on the road because of how little time you have to spot them. Be sure to regularly check your mirrors for cars suddenly swerving away from the speeding driver or to spot the diver yourself. Once the speeding driver passes, try to keep an eye on them down the road, as their actions may cause an accident. Even if you cannot see them anymore, there still may be an accident ahead, so stay cautious if you spot a speeder.

Stay vigilant out there

Practicing good and safe driving habits means avoiding your own bad habits, but it also means keeping an eye on your surroundings. Be sure to look out for reckless drivers and avoid any accidents they may create.