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Three dead in holiday accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Labor Day weekend is a time of rest and relaxation. We grill, ride motorcycles and dirt bikes, boat and, generally, just take a well-deserved break. But, when that fun meets our roadways and highways, sometimes, bad things result. Unfortunately, with all the reveling, car accidents can and do occur, and that was the case this Labor Day as well.

Dangerous Labor Day

According to the Louisiana State Police, there were two separate motor vehicle accidents on Labor Day in DeSoto Parish. Both occurred around 5:30 p.m. In the first accident, two local men were killed in the northbound lanes of Interstate 49, near mile marker 172, at Mansfield. This is the access road for U.S. Highway 84.

The second fatal accident involved an ATV on Louisiana Highway 5, which left one local man dead. LSP has not released the details of either car accident, and they are still investigating the accidents.

After car accidents

For Natchitoches, Louisiana, residents involved in car crashes, help is here, and that is regardless of whether the police file charges against negligent drivers. First, for those directly injured in a car accident, a personal injury lawsuit can help direct victims recover damages. However, even if the direct accident victim is killed, their family can also sue the negligent driver through a wrongful death lawsuit. In both cases, the civil court system is giving the families and the victims a path to justice and a way to help recover.

What if the cops do not charge anyone?

It does not matter. Of course, if there is a criminal prosecution, it can be much easier to have the court find civil liability. Though, both the civil and criminal justice systems are separate, and one can be utilized without the other.